Mignone comes back with a fresh and colourful new series of small paintings depicting her peculiar world with her familiar vocabulary. If in many of her past works we have seen strong and bright background colours combined with people and animals – and occasionally writing or words – Mignone has decided to experiment more radically with the material in this new phase.


In each work she employs collage in a very specific way in order to highlight certain themes of the painting and to enhance a clear contrast between the subject and the colourful background. The work is presented in a standard format that reminds us of a collection of LP record covers.


Mignone has always dealt with the human figure in her paintings – man and woman – often reflecting loneliness, or a personal and significant frozen moment in their lives. In some paintings of this new body of work, her approach to the human being seems to be more related to a specific context, adding a certain action as a set of useful elements that bring a narrative to the paintings.


In other works of this new series mignone is able to make us travel into the mind of her motionless subjects, as we have seen in her past painting. We can almost feel the empitness of their minds. It gives us the impression that something happened a minute ago. This is the specific moment that Mignone captures.


A young couple silently sitting on a coach looking like they have just had an argument, a dog sleeping in front of a sofa whilst time passes by, or a woman sleeping on the floor: these kinds of lost moments and untold stories are presented to us by the artist.


Mignone’s paintings are like a frame from a short story that we have to complete by ourselves, using our imagination and vocabulary.