08.10.2017 - 24.07.2018

Sandra Cinto. Contemplation Room & Library of Love. Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, USA.

The movement of water has become increasingly important in the work of Brazilian artist Sandra Cinto, from churning seascapes and rhythmic ocean waves to the graceful cascade of glacial passage. In this immersive installation she channels the latter to cultivate the contemplation of time and being – employing delicate washes of diluted paint to transform the former CAC Members lounge into a multi-sensory sanctuary. Amidst its perimeter of misty waterfalls that float in and out of focus she conjures a pavilion of stone cliffs and towers, meticulously rendered with pen and ink. The intensity of this line contrasts with the soft embrace of the sand-colored carpet cushioning one’s step though this space, as well as our seating upon contoured foam chairs. Cinto completes the congregation of our planet’s four elements with the fire used to brew the hot tea which is made available in this space as a gesture of both hospitality and healing. This custom herbal brew also opens up the wider sensory spectrum which Cinto activates in this room, where guided verbal meditations and soft soundscapes are present via headphones. Tactility and the consideration of sensuality enter the environment via the Library of Love, an exhibition within the installation curated by Cinto that features the work of over 200 artists from around the world. Each was invited to author a book/object which reflects the quality and complexity of love in its many forms, from that in families, romance and human relationships to that expressed in/of nature, animals and nations. As objects to be touched and stories to share, this library speaks to Cinto larger objective to channel the Portuguese meaning of contemplation – transcending solitary meditation to offer a shared experience where we give, and are gifts to one another. By reflecting upon that which makes us fundamentally human, she offers an implicit remedy to the politics and ideologies that divide.

- Steven Matijcio, curator, Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati, Ohio