08.10.2017 - 24.07.2018

Brazilian artist Sandra Cinto employs a rich vocabulary of dots, lines, contours, topography, symbols and art historical references to orchestrate lyrical landscapes that dance between reality and fantasy. With drawing as her point of departure, she imagines intricate, yet elemental environments that span oceans, canyons, storms and celestial vistas. A primary influence can be found in Japanese ukiyo-e prints, with a special focus on how to reconcile the iconic woodcut The Great Wave off Kanagawa (c.1830) by Hokusai Katsushika with the sprawling concrete jungle of her home in Sao Paulo. When (re)shaping churning seas into an urban context, Cinto conducts these sublime voyages in direct conversation with the surrounding architecture – incorporating the shapes, palette and spirit of buildings as both her canvas and muse. In the case of this work (title?), she responds to the presiding grayscale of Zaha Hadid’s lobby as well as its cavernous expanse and glacial outcroppings. The result is a vast black-and-white canyon, where the viewer is invited to stand at the precipice of a floating ledge and “fly through” the rolling waves and glistening constellations that gather all around. In this flight Cinto hopes to convey both majesty and modesty at once – forging a place where we as viewers feel humbled by our minute place in the universe, as well as interconnected to its holistic pulse. There is no straight line or single direction here. Instead, we yield to a swirling, layered nexus where day and night co-exist, black meets white, and the structures built by hand and by nature tumble into and upon one another.

- Steven Matijcio, curator, Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati, Ohio