eduardo berliner

jacaranda, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

16.12.2017 - 31.01.2018

Cadu, Adriano Motta, Eduardo Berliner and Paulo Vivacqua started in 2011 Projeto Cavalo [Project Horse], producing together and interfering in each other's creative processes. The results of this research and experiment is presented now in the exhibition Projeto Cavalo: quadrivium – 8 patas.

Exploring individual aspects of each other's recent production, at the same time diluting, through the collective work, the principles of "authorship", the dynamics of the project could be compared to the movement of a carousel: cyclic and constant.

The proposal was actually to investigate the symbolic atributes of the carousel: a ludic object which agregates visual, spacial and sonorous characteristics, as well as the metaphors of cyclic time and childhood. A stationary cosmos, trapped inside its minuscule rout, but never ceasing to mirror the shifts in which the universe is inserted.

The result presented at Jacaranda is a hyprid of a cabinet of curiosities and a walled garden, in which objects, sounds, sculptures, drawings, paintings and videos, blur the borders of language and semantics and reflect the gravity of individual and collective orbits in collision course.