ivan grilo
new represented artist


09.02.2015 - 09.02.2015

We are very pleased to announce that Casa Triângulo now represents the artist Ivan Grilo. His first solo show at the gallery will be in April 2015, parallel to SP-Arte.

The relevance of historical and oral archives, along with the different possibilities of reading over the same fact, is the research core of Ivan Grilo's work. Taking as a starting point the photograph mostly as a way of documentation and record of time, the artist dissects the narrative, conceptual and the aesthetical representative roles of the photograph, sometimes questioning or even rewriting from another angle the original material, subtly blurring the memory and the action of time. The use of objects, video and other media to discuss the same themes strengthens and widens the compass of the messages, besides structuring an internal coherence in the artist's oeuvre. The creation process, just as the making of each work, demands attention to detail, specific knowledge and investigation of every matter and material chosen. Grilo's work evokes both objective and subjective interpretations, through a language that appears dismembered and renewed from appropriation and traditional photograph technique.