valkyrie Octopus

mgm macau, macau

16.03.2015 - 31.10.2015

Casa Triangulo is pleased to announce Joana Vasconcelo`s first individual exhibition in China.

MGM Macau has invited the artist to occupy the Grande Praça (Main Square) with four new works, made specifically for the space, which reflect on the relations between China and Portugal. Hanging at the center of the square is the monumental installation Valkyrie Octopus, part of the series Valkyries inspired by Norse mythology and the artist`s largest work up to date. Made of assorted materials, colors and textures that mix artisanal techniques with industrial fabrics and thousands of LEDs, the work interacts with the aquarium at the location and makes reference to the sea and to the Portuguese heritage left in Macau.

The three floor sculptures from the series Tetris bring textile elements along with tiles similar to those covering the façade of the environment, inspired in iconic Portuguese buildings and an allusion to themes and patterns from the traditional azulejaria (Portuguese custom of handmade tiles). The sculptures offer to the visitors the possibility to engage, sit on the structures and observe the main installation suspended at the core of the place from three different perspectives. Joana Vasconcelos creates a magical universe that provides to the public a cultural and historical meeting.