daniel lie
new represented artist

casa triângulo, SÃO PAULO

04.05.2015 - 04.05.2015

We are very pleased to announce that Daniel Lie is the newest artist represented by Casa Triângulo. His first exhibition at the gallery will be in June 2015, simultaneously to his solo shows at Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade and Centro Cultural São Paulo.

Having the flux of energy between things as the crucial point of his research, Daniel Lie makes temporary installations and appropriation of objects, developing his work in two main directions, apparently opposites like Science and Religion, but in fact complementary in the artist’s message.

The site-specific projects on large scale are carefully planned and calculated, made of structures with tropical plants and fruits that interconnect through a system of ropes and pulleys, mixing areas of study including engineering, chemistry, physics and botanic. With an experimental and ephemeral character, these works occupy the whole space and invite the public to participate throughout the exhibition period whilst witnessing the natural process of decomposition, which in turn changes the weights and the balance of the elements linked by the mechanism.

On the other hand, the production of the objects is based on the assemblage of pieces from different contexts, such as minerals, bells, ropes, ribbons, and others. These works have an intimate nature, from the choice of materials that are usually part of the artist’s private universe to the display inside each environment, which could become sculptures hanging on the wall or even be worn by someone as necklaces, talismans or accessories – thus flirting with performance.

The small dimensions of these objects provide a closer and more direct contact between the artist and the viewer, whilst the installations take the dialogue to a broader and more comprehensive level. On both cases, Daniel Lie puts time at the core of the work, the origin and development of everything that surrounds us. His investigations on nature, life and death question the connections among people as well as between individuals and the world, through a mystical and empirical study of everyday.