sandra cinto
passage: a day in eternity

Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Japan

25.07.2015 - 13.09.2015

Sandra Cinto is the first Brazilian artist invited for the residence and exhibition programme at the Aomori Contemporary Art Centre in Japan.

The ACAC has taken the title of this year’s exhibition from Greek film director Theo Angelopoulos’ Eternity and a Day. The program observes the successive marks of time that continue from the past into present and future. This year’s resident production and exhibition invites artists whose expression can unite past time and space with the present to build value for the future.

We all live along a time continuum that blurs each waking moment. Similarly, artworks extend beyond the life of a single artist, emerging where individual moments of human realization intersect on a timeline spanning all of human history. Art formed at these individual points in humanity’s fleeting existence may have eternal implications. And as the eternal time continuum progresses from the past to present and into the future, every artwork, while perfectly complete, hides signs of variation and alteration. This may be the very reason why the art appreciation experience can often become an incredible moment that forever remains with the audience.