rommulo vieira conceição
my space and yours meet at a tenuous color area

goethe institut, porto alegre


Rommulo Vieira Conceição has been invited by the Goethe-Institut in Porto Alegre to make an intervention at the entrance hall of the building, as part of the celebration of 50 years of the institute and 60 years of ICBA.

O meu e o seu espaços se encontram em área de cor tênue [my space and yours meet at a tenuous color area] is made of four tables and eight benches, all connected in order to be used in communion. One of the seats is transformed in a luminary and dislocated above the tables. Painted with the colors of the Goethe-Institut, the work is based on the idea of equally sharing the public space, as well as operatons of juxtaposition and overlapping that follows the process of creation in all the artist's works.