vânia mignone
launching of the book Novelas Exemplares



Launching of the book, with exhibition of the original drawings by Vânia Mignone, which illustrate Novelas Exemplares [Exemplary Novels], published by Cosac Naify.

Before the publishing of the second part of Don Quixote, in 1613, Cervantes launched another adventure: Novelas Exemplares [Exemplary Novels]. As a litherary genre the novel already existed, but as Cervantes noted himself, he was the first to try it in Spain. He tried the genre in every possible directions, with byzantine, courtier and burlesque accounts. In addition, he tried to establish a realist pattern, narrating the everyday life of people in a Spain that could be seen from the windows of a house. It is interesting to note how even as the offspring of a male chauvinist society, he knew the feminine pain and painted intelligent and spiritual women, whilst others only wanted them beautiful and submissive. It is exemplary how Cervantes, a man of satirical temper, has managed to mislead censorship, allowing amongst rhapsodies to kings and to the Church his violent and sensual, con and greedy country, to become visible; rape for instance, was naturally accepted, and marriage was the only sign of respect to women. The edition brings critical apparatus by scholars of the author, notes, poems in their original versions and illustrations.