USF Contemporary Art Museum [CAM], Tampa, USA

15.01.2016 - 05.03.2016

Sandra Cinto presents her individual exhibition Chance and Necessity, curated by Noel Smith, at the West Gallery USF Contemporary Art Museum, Tampa, Florida.

Chance and Necessity is constituted by landscapes made out of two basic elements: chance and the necessity of the drawing as a form of expression.

Throughout her career, Sandra Cinto has been using drawing as a starting point to the creation of landscapes that evoke narratives of redemption and serve as metaphors of the human odissey. In this new series, outcome of a 60 days period in Japan, invited by Aomori Art Centre, the artist deepened her research on Eastern art and its influence on the West, as well as on the Japanese aesthetics, mainly the landscapes. There will be at the show three brand new canvases and a series of five large photoengraving developed at the GraphicStudio-Institute for Research in Art at the University of South Florida, Tampa.