We are very pleased to announce that Casa Triângulo now represents the artist Nino Cais.

Nino Cais has possibly one of the most assorted productions in Brazilian contemporary art, not only in terms of materials, – from photographs, drawings and collages to sculptures, videos and apparel – but also because of its wide scope of poetic and narrative discourses. Its aesthetics is unique and rich in color, shape and texture details; it creates an intermediate universe between the everyday world, which provides the raw material for the works, and a fanciful and playful environment, with its fictional roots based on literature, theatre and fine arts. The artist appropriates ordinary objects and gives them new sense in a different context, like an alchemist reintroducing elements with a new configuration. Nino Cais cuts, pastes, sews, draws, is inside and outside the artwork, is character and author. His works manifest themselves in a suspended time and space, recognizable although barely explored by the viewer; so far and so close at the same time that its oddness is welcoming.

As the Portuguese writer Valter Hugo Mãe says: “When visiting Nino Cais’s art do not think of the objects (re)used as materials saved from oblivion, think of materials invited to the sublime. The cornerstone of Nino Cais’s logic is glorification. What he touches ascends. Nino has a luxury gesture that spiritualizes everything. Nothing else is lifeless. What he exposes is organic and lives. Like Midas, however, instead of gold, he grants soul to what he puts his hands on."