Arthur Scovino
Caboclo of the Afflicted

Solyanka State Gallery, Moscow, Russia

03.06.2016 - 06.07.2016

Arthur Scovino opens the solo show Caboclo of the Afflicted at Solyanka State Gallery, Moscow, as part of the Eternal Performance Art Festival PYRFYR.

Scovino’s works will be presented in the four rooms of the Salt space for just over one month, inviting visitors to set off on a liturgical journey along Caboclo labyrinths – a collective image of those origins of ethnic diversity in Brazil, as well as the aboriginal tribes’ rituals and modern societies everyday phenomena.

During the opening week of the exhibition Arthur Scovino will give a public talk, intending to share the nuances of his artistic vision; he will also present several live performances and happenings that he will create in collaboration with Moscow-based artists of different genres. These will become part of the so-called Platform for Sporadic Performances. Visitors will have a chance not only to watch but also to join in and become part of the performative space; they may even encounter their own Caboclo. Quoting the artist, “Caboclo emerges unexpectedly. Its manifestations are scattered along the way as casual acquaintances, odours and images”.