tony camargo
confluências poéticas

museu do Paço da Liberdade, SESC, Curitiba

14.06.2016 - 06.09.2016

Tony Camargo takes part in the group show Confluências Poéticas, curated by Luana Oliveira, at Museu do Paço da Liberdade, SESC, Curitiba.

The exhibition presents a resignification on what is already known, assigning new configurations and new meaning to things and images, even to those pervated by the everyday. The power of painting is not in representing, but in reintroduce and question. The painting, not placed in an apocalyptic scenario anymore, undresses its costume of object of fetish and dialogues with new aesthetic paradigms that allow it to have a mutant presence of association of new languages, bearing changes without losing its identity.