marcia xavier
Paisagens Fugídias

Centro Universitário Maria Antonia, Sao Paulo, Brazil

01.09.2016 - 30.10.2016

This September the Centro Universitário Maria Antonia restarts its visual arts exhibitions with the first edition of the show Paisagens Fugidias. Marcia Xavier presents “Paisagem Líquida I” and “Paisagem Líquida II”, one backlight work and another one displayed on a tablet.

The project Paisagens Fugidias invites artists to occupy distinct places inside the Maria Antonia building other than the ones usually dedicated to host artworks, such as the hall with a unique geometry with curved walls and large windows or the atrium that connects two buildings whilst opening at the same time to the street. Inside them, there are made situations of passage of senses which shift between those established by the presence of artworks and those with a functionality originally attributed to those places now put on hold by art. The proposition of the project Paisagens Fugidias was made by Marta Bogéa and João Bandeira.