Antonio Henrique Amaral . New Represented Artist

Casa Triângulo

Casa Triângulo is delighted to announce the representation of the Estate of Antonio Henrique Amaral (São Paulo, 1935 - 2015).

Antonio Henrique Amaral brought a singular voice to Brazilian and Latin American art of the second half of the 20th century. Born in 1935, he was part of the generation that came into its own under the authoritarian rule of the military dictatorship installed in Brazil in 1964, having produced some of the most incisive allegories from that period. His visceral work dealt with political violence, existential discontent and erotic desire with the same intensity. His experimental approach challenged hackneyed lemmas concerning chromatic composition, the treatment of surfaces and stylistic cohesion. His blend of visceral attitude with experimental daring makes him not only a key figure in the history of Brazilian and Latin American art, but also an influential artist for the young generations that defy normativities and authoritarianisms.

10 June 2021