assume vivid astro focus interventions

assume vivid astro focus

contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati

13.03.2015 - 13.03.2016

The Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), in Cincinnati, has invited assume vivid astro focus to make four site-specific interventions on the museum, which is the first building by Zaha Hadid in the United States.

Avaf proposed the work axiomatic verve across fenestrations (contagious), a large sticker on the façade of the museum, reproducing doors and windows in the façade of abandoned buildings in the city; ambivalent virus affection facelift (contagious) is a new version of the work Contagious, a neon sign first exhibited in New York in 2003, which will be at the entrance of the building; finally, arousing vascular apparatus fury (contagious) is a wallpaper with colorful electric tubes that covers a wide wall at the lobby, as well as the stairs leading to the basement of the museum.