ALEX CERVENY   glossário dos nomes próprios

glossário dos nomes próprios

paço imperial, rio de janeiro

01.04.2015 - 07.06.2015

“I develop the speech about man in his wide world, lonely and hemmed in his own desires and fantasies.” – Alex Cerveny

During an inspiring trip to China in 2013, Alex Cerveny was able to observe monk artists in temples working on the technique of painting on rice paper. After his return to Brazil, he started working on a new series of works under the title Chinese Papers, made of 30 drawings of china ink on rice paper. The highlights are the Islands, seven works that present images of 25 castaways, one for each island of the Guanabara Bay.

The title of the exhibition at the Paço Imperial, Glossário dos Nomes Próprios (Glossary of First Names), comes from the only oil painting on canvas, which unveils a long list of masculine names, from Adam passing through many historical characters until contemporary names from the artist’s own universe. Along with the new works, Cerveny displays at the entrance of the show an old wooden box with a baby touching his penis on its lid, acquired in an antiques shop in Belém do Pará.

Having the masculine body at the center of the show and associating desire, history and geography, the artist says the exhibition is unlike anything he has ever done, mainly because he plunges into a theme that he has previously treated informally. The works are also the largest pieces Cerveny has made to date.