Ascânio MMM and Joana Vasconcelos
Portugal Portugueses - Arte Contemporânea

Museu Afro Brasil, Sao Paulo, Brazil

08.09.2016 - 08.01.2017

Ascânio MMM and Joana Vasconcelos take part in the exhibition Portugal Portugueses - Arte Contemporânea, curated by Emanoel Araújo, at the Museu Afro Brasil, Sao Paulo.

Considered the largest Portuguese contemporary art exhibition ever made in Brazil, with approximately 200 works and over 40 artists, the exhibition is a wide panorama gathering some of the main Portuguese artists from the present and intents to approach them to the Brazilian cultural universe.

Portugal Portugueses is the second exhibition from the trilogy about the most recent production in Africa, Portugal and Brazil, developed by the show's curator Emanoel Araujo, responsible for commemorating the paramount roots of Brazilian culture (African, Portuguese and Native) in the light of a contemporary reading in the visual arts. Born with the old Portuguese Empire and deepened significantly by the slavery, the intercultural influences of Portugal, Africa and Brazil are redesigned from the contemporary perspective. This blockbuster exhibition succeeds Africa Africans, recently appointed by the Brazilian Association of Art Critics as the best show in 2015.