Mycorial Theatre

Pivô, São Paulo, Brazil

07.09.2016 - 07.09.2016

Assume vivid astro focus is one of the ten guest artists invited by Pivô to participate in the project “Mycorial Theatre”, by the Polish artist Paulina Olowska and the Italian curator Milovan Farronato.

The project gathers a team of ten national and international artists which will engage in a number of convivial encounters and activities inspired by the principle of mycology. The first edition was made in the forrests of Poland and for this edition the creators propose a radical change for the city of São Paulo, investigating correspondence and dissonances between the two experiences. The artists will experience an immersion for a week in the city, sharing apartments and using the spaces of Pivô and Edifício Copan as a base for various experimentations conceived from the conviviality and activities such as walks, talks with specialists from assorted areas and proposals that might come throughout the dynamics of exchanges between the participants.

A public presentation will be held at Pivô on Septmeber 7th at the end of the programme.