Yuri Firmeza: Este Lado Para Cima: Casa Triângulo, São Paulo, Brazil

18 October - 12 November 2011
Installation Views

(Un)Convention without tacit agreements

In São Paulo I was alongside Sorcerers, Magicians, Witches and Gypsies. They were few. We are so many. They were many. Jugglers of declarations, choreographers of voices, parrhesia. Flaming languages of a severed tail – the recited spell of a Sorceress. An entire language forgotten! A crane of the other side, a Witch whose disciple was camouflaged with red scarlet majicontrast tongues of flame – which was understood as Magie Contact. Artaud’s friend nicknamed L’Âge d’Or had already pointed to the anagram: Magie-Image. A land of mysteries, of inhuman howls greater than us. Greater because they are constituent, crossing and overflowing. We are materialized howls. A slight breath is enough. Nijinsky’s friend nicknamed LenLyeLucyLippard had already pointed to the anagram: Sopro-Poros [Breath-Pores]. The other, to find it, infinite doors. Open, open, open. The gypsy and her pressing machine for the palms of hands waiting for their lines – she had retired the scalpel that formerly inscribed the tangle of lines on the body. Engraved lines, but not immobile. Twisting them. The boy, considered by some as the Great Witch, was a pure, formless vortex. Invisible. In telepathy the Yet To Come unleashed by the Book of Creation. However, the more reentrant cataclysms were, ironically, the strengthening ones – those that stun us. The dodecaphonic  composition among the so many intoned in a kind of mantra: “One of the problems dealt with by the artistic practices in the subjectivizing policy now underway has been the anesthesia of the vulnerability of the other.” Thunder. An open body. We are all fragile. And, some shout in concert: Second-rate witches, charlatans, hoaxers. You are fragile! Slackers! Feeble! Blare the monoliths of truth. Yes, fragility as the condition of the witch. A wide-open body. The blurry, faded, dilated borderline region. The encircling identitary outline crumbled. The rigid structures all worm-eaten. The fragility is distanced from its customary, obvious and weak definition – a synonym of what lasts for only a short time, which lacks health, force and vigor. Contrary to such pathologized and pathologizing definitions, fragility as power; as an inventive condition inherent to art, to the body and to life.  Witches who not only work in the zones of vulnerability, risks and contagions. They propitiate them. They create them through gestures. Torn. This side up. Handle with care, emptiness and autonomy. Crash Praaa! Crack! Prac! Prec! Endless splinters without a conceivable beginning nor imaginable end. Fragile indeed!