Sandra Cinto: Nocturne: Casa Triângulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Installation Views
Press release

Casa Triângulo is pleased to present Nocturne, Sandra Cinto’s seventh solo exhibition at the gallery. Throughout her career, Cinto has developed a vocabulary to create narratives and fantastic landscapes in which bridges, mountains, chasms, stairs, swings, chandeliers, night skies, turbulent seas, waterfalls and storms - drawn directly on walls, canvases and three-dimensional objects - evoke a metaphor of human odyssey and draw the limits of the language of drawing. The exhibition Nocturne presents an installation with unpublished works and proposes a reflection on the artist’s graphic work drawn more specifically from 1998, when she participated in the 24th International Biennial of São Paulo. In music - recurrent language used by Sandra Cinto to establish relationships with the drawing - the term Night can mean a piano piece of intimate and contemplative expression; in this case, the artist revisits some elements and incorporates them in an immersive, monumental installation but with an introspective character: “At times, we need to review everything that was done, to understand the next step... I think we are going through a moment where we need to look at everything we have done, to reflect how we want to build our future, I decided to make an autobiographical project, thinking of my condition as an artist, my drawing is my voice, it is how I recognize myself and dialogue with the world.” In recent years, Sandra Cinto [Santo André, Brazil, 1968. lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil] has held solo exhibitions at the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati and USF Contemporary Art Museum, Tampa, USA, and the Attic Center for Modern Art, Canary Islands, Spain. Also participated in the group exhibitions Latinoamerica en las colecciones CA2M y ARCO, Alcalá 31, Madrid; Inequívoco, in the Canary Foundation for the Development of the Painting, Canary Islands, Spain; Past/Future/Present: Contemporary Brazilian Art from the Museum of Modern Art, Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, USA and Horizontes - A Paisagem nas Coleções MAM, Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


The drawings on the wall had the collaboration of the artists: Alice Ricci, Andrea Guzmán Jerez, Marcus Braga and Wilian de Souza.